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Let's face it...when the time comes to sell your classic car, simply converting it into cash isn't easy. In fact, it's time consuming, frustrating, and, when employing a major auction house that can charge over 20% of the proceeds, expensive. Therefor, expert consultation along with reasonable service charges are essential. The Old Oregon Motor Co. provides a completely NO RISK process for transferring your prized vehicle on to another enthusiast who will care for it as you have.


"Retailing your car is an exercise in finding just the right person to buy it", says proprietor Bill Penny. "If you're lucky, that person will be just across town...but all too often they will be on the other end of the country or the other side of the world". Bill has 40 years experience in selling collectable autos to all 50 states and at least 20 foreign countries. "For instance, overseas buyers refuse to wire funds across the ocean to private parties. They will only do business with licensed and bonded dealers", says Penny.


The Old Oregon Motor Co. charges an initial fee of $200 to pay for advertising and travel expenses. We incur these expenses almost immediately upon the consignment of your vehicle, making the fee a necessity. Your car will then likely sell sight-unseen to an out-of-state buyer, making showings to prospects unnecessary.  If a prospect does want to see the car, we will pick them up at the airport and bring them to see the car at a time convenient to you. 


We complete all aspects of the sale including photography, advertising, research, negotiating with prospects, negotiating with on-line auction platforms, DMV work, shipping, and providing an escrow service for the car, the title, and the money between you and the buyer.  Having trouble negotiating with Bring A Trailer or other on-line auction platforms?  We can help.

Why do we call our process NO RISK?  Because unlike a traditional consignments, it is not necessary for us to take possession of your car to display.  You will retain possession of your car and title, while we go out into the marketplace to find you a buyer.  Once they pay us for the sale, we will pay you and take possession of the car and title in a single transaction.  We thereby eliminate the possibility of the occasional horror stories we hear where an unscrupulous or underwater dealer will sell a consigned car and then immediately go out of business, never paying off the seller.   

For cars valued at more than $100,000, we charge a sales fee of 8%.  Such a fee is well worth the cost, as we are usually able to sell a car for 8% or more than an average enthusiast can.  For cars valued at less than $100,000, we usually simply return to you a set dollar figure that that the two of us mutually agree to in advance.

These rates are absolutely the best in the industry!

We are fairly selective about the autos we choose for consignment. Please submit collectable cars in very fine condition and/or with interesting histories that have no major needs. Also interested in well preserved completely original cars, even if they may have few needs. We are able to sell any type of collectable auto in stock condition, tastefully modified hot-rods and resto-mods, and vintage race cars. We are also well versed in selling contemporary sports, luxury, and exotic cars. Please no plastic fakes or retro-mobiles!


Our initial 90 day agreement will allow us the time to accurately gauge the market to determine exactly what your car is worth in the current sales environment.


Please call Bill Penny at (503) 209-5510 for a free consultation and evaluation of your car in today's market.

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