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1967 Jaguar Mk II 240 Sedan. (Consignment)

Monte Shelton called me up and said he had heard from a customer with a car to sell and he didn't want it as it was just too rough. Would I help the elderly owners sell it? I was game so I headed up into Portland's West Hills to meet the charming Jacob Avshalamov, the 93 year-old former conductor of the Portland Youth Philharmonic, and his lovely wife Doris. The right-hand-drive Jaguar sedan was indeed in neglected shape, but serviceable. It ran and drove OK and Jacob said he wanted $4000 for the car. I considered purchasing it but if it was too scary for Monte it was certainly too scary for me. I advertised the car on eBay, and quickly got a call from a local couple who wanted to see it. Jacob, myself, and the couple had an entertaining, if rainy, drive around NW Portland, the wife in back with Jacob and me up front with the husband. By the end of the drive the wife was so smitten with Jacob that the husband had no choice but to buy. $5500 changed hands. OMC earned $500 plus $80 in expenses for our trouble, and the Avshalamovs got an extra grand more than they had hoped for.

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